Celebrating Successful Adoptions

Here are some of our success adoption stories, and also what we call "foster fails" (that's a good thing!).



3 years ago my husband and I finally moved to our own property and not having to worry about landlords and small spaces were able to fulfill our dream of getting a dog. We took a trip with some friends in September of 2015 and decided to wait til after that to search for our perfect 4 legged fur baby. The day after we returned from our trip we were at what was then the Vernon County Humane Society. I have a soft spot for American Pit Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers so they were pretty high on my list. Sadly, these breeds are not too hard to find in shelters. We looked at the dogs and there she was, a beautiful girl with a black coat and a patch of white on her chest. She had the typical goofy pit smile and the cutest ears you ever did see! I was immediately in love. We took her out with Hannah who worked there at the time and it was clear that Pearl was more than a little timid. She clung to Hannah and gave her lots of kisses. I knew that this was a dog who needed a patient family who could help give her the confidence she so desperately lacked. We put in our application and on September 25 2015 Pearl came home with us. 

A little history on Pearl that was given to us made my heart ache and my eyes well up. Apparently Pearl was found outside of Hillsboro running loose with a chain collar that had somehow become embedded in her neck. The chain was removed and she was spayed. She was estimated to be about a year or 2 old when she came to the shelter. 

Pearl's first night with us she was very nervous, unsure of what this new place was and if we would be nice. She slept hiding behind an end table. We decided that Pearl seemed like a submissive dog and that we really needed to let her decide when she was comfortable with us. It didn't really take too long. We showered her with treats and pets and praise. After only a week or two she was very comfortable with us. Some things in the house still were terrifying to her; the dishwasher, cabinets, and the fridge to name a few. (This is definitely not the case now as the fridge is one of her favorite things!) 

Fast forward to today, Pearl is our big baby. She is still a submissive dog but I think that's just her way. She is however, much more confident. The only time she seems to shed her submissive self is when she's crawling into our laps demanding attention. We still have some work to do with her on manners clearly. What can I say though, we melt when all 55 pounds of her is wiggling its way to us for kisses. 

Last September my husband and I added yet another member to our family. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I never had any apprehension about how Pearl would do with a baby, and for good reason. She and Soren are the best of friends. The first night we were home from the hospital Soren was crying and Pearl brought her ball and dropped it in front of me and him. At first I thought she wanted to play. Then she proceeded to bring her stuffed animals and drop them at my feet. I realized she was trying to comfort the baby! Soren is 10 months old now and Pearl loves him as much as ever. Although I don't encourage him to pull her ears of climb over her, babies are fast and it has happened. Pearl is a great big sister and doesn't mind at all. She gives him lots of kisses and tries to play ball with him. When she's had enough, she's a good girl and simply leaves the room. 

Making Pearl a part of our family is one of the best decisions were could have made. She makes our days happier and gives us so much love. Once our family is ready and able to, we will look forward to adopting from your shelter again. 

Attached are some photos of our big girl or as Soren calls her "pup pup". 

Thank you for all that you do for all the animals out there that need forever homes. Thank you for taking such good care of Pearl and for helping us to make her a part of our family. 



Jezzie is a foster fail.  Jezzie came to DHS as a stray kitten, just about 6 weeks old.  She was born in a shed at the back of someone's property with her siblings.  They were all brought to DHS by animal control, and so she essentially grew up in the shelter.  It was a tough beginning, semi-feral and no interaction with humans.  Luckily she was fostered by one of our dedicated employees.  Jezzie had to figure out a lot of stuff, like how to climb stairs, how to enjoy being fawned over, how to get along with other more established cats in a home.  

The plan was for Jezzie to stay at the house until a good home was found for her.  What happened was Jezzie decided to stay at her foster mom's, and become a resident in her forever home!



My family started volunteering at the shelter in 2016.  We have always had dogs and cats, and were so happy to be able to hang out with the dogs and cats at the shelter.  The kids, of course, wanted to take them all home.  In February, 2017 we adopted "Ralph", (renamed Griz), a handsome 2  year old brindled Pit.  He ambled into our house, looked around at everyone and said "well, this is it.  I'm home!".  Sadly, we lost him to a sudden illness only a year later. 

We continued to volunteer and work with the dogs, but had heavy hearts.  Who could replace Griz, and why would we want to?  

Then, in April, 2018, we met Val.  Val was one of the dogs brought up from Beauties & Beasts Rescue in Kansas.  She's what we call a pocket-Pit.  This girl is a ball of energy!  We brought her home and she zoomed into the house, looked around and thought "huh, look at all these other pets to chase!"  Good thing we have two energetic boys who can give her the exercise she needs!

Val's story is a sad, but typical one.  She was brought into a home as a puppy and when she got to 7-8 months old (the puppy terrible two's) she was too much for the owners, who gave her up to the humane society.  Because the Witchita Humane Society is so overwhelmed with dogs, they euthanize simply to  make room.  Val was on "death row" when Beauties & Beasts rescued her and sent her to us with several other dogs.

Thank you DHS for what you do.