Runaway Pets

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Stray dogs and cats are brought to our shelter through law enforcement or animal control.  Many times these dogs and cats are simply escape artists and have taken advantage of their ability to run away.  We are committed to returning these pets to their owners as soon as possible.

Vernon County requires dog licenses. You are required to show proof of license when you pick up your dog.

If you live in one of the following municipalities, you can purchase a dog license for $10.00 when you pick up your dog (bring a copy of your rabies certificate).

  • Town of Franklin
  • Town of Hillsboro
  • Town of Kickaoo
  • Town of Liberty
  • Village of Coon Valley
  • Village of La Farge
  • Village of Ontario
  • City of Hillsboro
  • City of Viroqua

If you reside in a municipality not listed above and do not have a dog license, there will be an additional $25.00 refundable charge.  Once you have proof of license this fee will be refunded to you.  Dog licenses can be purchased at the Vernon County Treasurer's office, or from your local township treasurer.

What to do

Call the shelter as soon as you know your pet is missing.  If the shelter is closed, leave a detailed message on our voice mail.  Be sure to give us a specific description of your cat or dog and your contact information.   

Next steps

We will contact you as soon as we determine we have your pet.  When you come for pick-up, you need to provide some form of documentation to prove the pet is yours.  This can be in the form of a veterinary bill, a rabies vaccination certificate, dog license, or photo of your pet, preferably with you.  Please also bring identification so we can verify that you are the person who called about the pet.

Because we are a non-profit, we do have fees associated with pets who are returned to owner.

FEES:    $10.00 per day for boarding.  This fee starts 24 hours after the pet is brought in.

               If your pet was brought in by animal control, there is an additional fee.  

Generally, the return-to-owner is done during our open business hours.  If possible, we will make arrangements to have someone meet you during our closed hours to pick up your pet, however, there will be an additional $25.00 fee to cover our costs


So happy to be home, I'm exhausted!

So happy to be home, I'm exhausted!