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Eloise - Pet of the Week!

Eloise - Pet of the Week!

Meet Eloise! Here's what her foster mom has to say:

She is good in her kennel and has just the right amount of energy. She loves to run around and will play fetch. She loves to grab shoes and socks during her playful time, but does nothing more than bring them to you or her bed. She loves to run outside, though is not too fond of deep snow or the bitter cold.

On the bitter days she has to come in to warm up when she is pottying. She is quite potty trained, but you do have to watch her and be aware when she last went. She has started scratching at the door, but doesn't do it every time. She also will run around when she needs to go.

She has not been as possessive, and has been sleeping on the couches more, leaving her watch of the front door!

She loves cats.

I am not sure if she doesn't like men, or if it is my other dog that makes her nip at my husband. I think she would be well met to be the only dog.

I still think she is anxious at times. Loud noises definitely set her off. Sometimes in the evenings she gets nippy.

She might do better in a quieter home. I think she might be fine with kids, because my girls do pick her up a lot. Check her out on